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Dr. Faustus

Dr. Faustus Description:

One of the most durable myths in Western culture the story of Faust tells of a learned German doctor who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power Early enactments of Faust s damnation were often the raffish fare of clowns and low comedians But the young Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe recognized in the story of Faust s temptation and fall the elements of tragedy br In his epic treatment of the Faust legend Marlowe retains much of the rich phantasmagoria of its origins There are florid visions of an enraged Lucifer dueling angels the Seven Deadly Sins Faustus tormenting the Pope and his summoning of the spirit of Alexander the Great But the playwright created equally powerful scenes that invest the work with tragic dignity among them the doomed man s calling upon Christ to save him and his ultimate rejection of salvation for the embrace of Helen of Troy br With immense poetic skill and psychological insight that foreshadowed the later work of Shakespeare and the Jacobean playwrights Marlowe created in Dr Faustus one of the first true tragedies in English Vividly dramatic rich in poetic grandeur this classic play remains a robust and lively exemplar of the glories of Elizabethan drama

Rating: 3.73 out of 5

Edward II

Edward II Description:

The last of Marlowe s great dramas often considered his masterpiece

Rating: 3.80 out of 5

The Complete Plays

The Complete Plays Description:

Marlowe s seven plays dramatise the fatal lure of potent forces whether religious occult or erotic In the victories of Tamburlaine Faustus s encounters with the demonic the irreverence of Barabas in THE JEW OF MALTA and the humiliation of Edward II in his fall from power and influence Marlowe explores the shifting balance between power and helplessness the sacred and its desecration

Rating: 3.64 out of 5

The Jew of Malta

The Jew of Malta Description:

The spirit of Machiavelli presides over i The Jew of Malta i in which the title character relentlessly plots to maintain and extend his political influence and wealth A paragon of remorseless evil Barabas befriends and betrays the Turkish invaders and native Maltese alike incites a duel between the suitors for his daughter s hand and takes lethal revenge upon a convent of nuns br Both tragedy and farce this masterpiece of Elizabethan theater reflects the social and political complexities of its age Christopher Marlowe s dramatic hybrid resonates with racial tension religious conflict and political intrigue all of which abounded in th century England The playwright who infused each one of his plays with cynical humor and a dark world view draws upon stereotypes of Muslim and Christian as well as Jewish characters to cast an ironic perspective on all religious beliefs br The immediate success of i The Jew of Malta i on the Elizabethan stage is presumed to have influenced Marlowe s colleague William Shakespeare to draw upon the same source material for i The Merchant of Venice i The character of Barabas is the prototype for the well known Shylock and this drama of his villainy remains a satirical gem in its own right br br

Rating: 3.67 out of 5


Tamburlaine Description:

One of the greatest English playwrights Christopher Marlowe received the scholarly compliment of having long been considered the author of some plays now attributed to Shakespeare Marlowe s remarkable inventiveness and powers of poetic expression enabled him to render his first play i Tamburlaine i the relatively new form of English blank verse establishing the form for later Elizabethan dramatic writing This heroic epic his most ambitious work was also the first genuine English tragedy br Produced around the two part romantic drama derives from the historical figure of Tamerlane a Mongol warrior whose conquests and tyrannical rule extended from the Black Sea to the Upper Ganges In Part I Tamburlaine represents the best and most admirable qualities of the Renaissance man his relentless rise to greatness his ability to defy the odds and his determined pursuit of all life s possibilities The first part concludes with the hero at the zenith of his powers with vivid descriptions of his military victories and the passionate courting of a rival s captive daughter in Part II however Tamburlaine s ambition overrides his better nature and his greed and vanity ultimately lead to his ruin br Ideal for classroom use this volume will also be a welcomed addition to the libraries of anyone fond of English literary classics

Rating: 3.77 out of 5

Doctor Faustus and Other Plays, Parts 1-2

Doctor Faustus and Other Plays, Parts 1-2 Description:

Christopher Marlowe a man of extreme passions and a playwright of immense talent is the most important of Shakespeare s contemporaries This edition offers his five major plays which show the radicalism and vitality of his writing in the few years before his violent death br Tamburlaine Part One and Part Two deal with the rise to world prominence of the great Scythian shepherd robber The Jew of Malta is a drama of villainy and revenge Edward II was to influence Shakespeare s Richard II Doctor Faustus perhaps the first drama taken from the medieval legend of a man who sells his soul to the devil is here in both its A and its B text showing the enormous and fascinating differences between the two br Under the General Editorship of Dr Michael Cordner of the University of York the texts of the plays have been newly edited and are presented with modernized spelling and punctuation In addition there is a scholarly introduction and detailed annotation

Rating: 3.35 out of 5

Hero and Leander

Hero and Leander Description:

Marlowe s unfinished masterpiece as completed by George Chapman Includes an introduction and notes by Edward Blunt

Rating: 3.63 out of 5

Complete Poems and Translations

Complete Poems and Translations Description:

This unique anthology offers a more comprehensive look at the poems of Christopher Marlowe England s first great poet and playwright

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

The Tragedy of Dido Queene of Carthage

The Tragedy of Dido Queene of Carthage Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.69 out of 5

Tamburlaine the Great, Part 1

Tamburlaine the Great, Part 1 Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.30 out of 5